Legends of Arnithica

Heroes of Feyburrow
The Adventure Begins...

Our heroes, Roland the Cleric, Theylan the Thief, and Amulric the Warrior, were enjoying some down-time at the Braegarden Inn, located in the Braegarden district of Feryburrow, land of the Halflings. They were joined at table and cup by the exuberant Rosco Orthedain, a former barber and newly minted adventurer from Feyburrow, who also claimed lineage to the human Orthedain bloodline, a well-respected family with ties deep in the past of storied Arnithica. Recently, Rosco’s betrothed, Leylith Flowerbottom, was accosted while picking herbs in the forest surrounding the Faebryne River in northern Feyburrow. Two foul-smelling goblins took Leylith to a cave-complex of some kind. Once there, the goblins attempted to feed Leylith to a giant horned snake. Somehow Leylith broke free and fled to Braegarded where she told her story to the townsfolk. The peaceful Halflings were unwilling to address the threat themselves and went about their everyday lives as if no threat existed. This enraged Rosco; no one can lay hands on his beloved Leylith without feeling the wrath of Rosco Orthedain! When Rosco heard that a rare band of hardy looking adventurers were staying at the Braegarden Inn, Rosco immediately sought to procure their aid.

Roland immediately agreed to aid in defeating the darkness that lurked in the forests of Feyburrow. Theylan was not much interested until he heard Rosco tell of the possible treasures to be gained. Amulric was just glad for the chance to wet his longsword once more. And so the three friends, along with their Halfling guide, set out to find the mysterious other-wordly cave complex, which legend and rhyme would deign to name The Portal Under the Stars! Four would set out, but alas…not all would return.


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